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The unique design of WEDJ Containers allows for the storage of more units in a given footprint.  For containers currently on the market, only two can fit into the same footprint as three WED Containers.  Another benefit is that nine WEDJ Containers can fit into a 55 gallon drum compared to a maximum of four competitor containers.

For businesses, WEDJ Container use can reduce per gallon regulated waste management/disposal costs by over 25%.  The efficiency of space use for warehouses/trucks/pallets can be increased by over 20%.  In retail settings, WEDJ Containers can showcase products while using minimal space.

Consumers can also benefit from the space-saving capabilities of WEDJ Containers by using them to efficiently store various types of liquid and solid materials (water, oils, cleaners, powders, etc.).  They are the best choice for delivering materials (used motor oil, expired medicines, old smaller batteries, paints, solvents, etc.) to household waste roundups.